Dave – Suits ‘Now Hiring’ game case study

I was a copywriter on this project and it was an internal production at UKTV under the Creative Direction of Kjetil Njoten.

Dave were looking for a piece of digital engagement which would both reward existing fans and tempt potential new ones to check it out. Suits is based in the fictional new york lawyer firm Pearson Hardman. One of the characters is an intern so I devised and wrote a piece of digital where the user is interviewed by one of the senior partners.

Played through Facebook the game uses accessible personal information and photographs to create a CV which the senior partner has a series of quips, compliments or insults for. The user then has to answer questions on law from the series to see if they can get the job.

The game surpassed 80,000 viral impressions and yielded a 60% increase on viewers for the same time slot.